Hi, I'm Vic. It's good to see you here.

I'm a British / Polish / Silesian guy, currently living in South Wales.

When I work, I deal with learning and teaching. I am a learning designer and digital producer for educational publishing projects. I am also a freelance project manager, writer and editor in the field of English language learning and teaching.

When I don't work, I try many things. You're likely to meet me at a triathlon race, or during a swim / bike / run practice session. You may find me at my local game store, and play some Magic: The Gathering with me there. You could see me at a jazz gig, a book club, a spoken word poetry evening. Or you may pass me by on a long hike. These are all things I'm fond of doing!

Do you want to work with me? Or just say hello? Feel free to e-mail: hi (at) vic (dot) work