Now: current projects

What's Vic up to these days?


  • Now building: OpenLearn resources for The Open University
  • Now preparing: Storyline interactives with some fancy social polling features + a personal project (launching Sept 2024?)
  • Now available for: no availability for the foreseeable future.


  • Now reading: The Design Thinking Toolbox by M. Lewrick, P. Link, L. Leifer
  • Now listening: "Night Reign" by Arooj Aftab (zen mode, SO GOOD) / "Appeal to Reason" by Rise Against (aggro mode)
  • Now playing: resistance == futile, "Cyberpunk 2077" == on the menu, vibes == immaculate
  • Current happy place: ///


  • Now making: a space game in Python - fun!
  • Now trying: to edit Wikipedia and make it more accessible every chance I get
  • Now struggling: to increase my average speed on the bicycle