Now: current projects

What's Vic up to these days?


  • Now building: OpenLearn resources for The Open University
  • Now preparing: Personal writing projects for the rest of the year
  • Now available for: nothing until 01 March 2024, sorry. Max 15 hours / week afterwards (evenings + weekends, remote only). Email to discuss details. Not available for project management work.


  • Now reading: "The Utopians" by Anna Neima
  • Now listening: Spacewave - Cosmic Relaxation videos on YouTube (calm mode) / Ghostrunner OST (aggro mode)
  • Now playing: "Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt" (re-play, I know what I'm doing this time ;)
  • Current happy place: ///awake.slate.gladiators


  • Now making: bara brith
  • Now trying: to finish using my jigsaw with the same amount of fingers and thumbs as when I started
  • Now struggling: to give myself the time, patience and kindness which I have for others