My portfolio

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Learning design

Digital Producer - OpenLearn from The Open University
I work to brief, commission, prepare and build open educational resources to support The Open University's mission in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland. I support our tutors and academics as they design and write their materials, and make sure that the end result is accessible, relevant and interesting. I support our partnerships and communications team in trying to raise the profile of the university with key audiences and partners. Tools used regularly: Moodle, Elucidat, Articulate, H5P,, Textmetrics, Adobe Analytics.
Learning Designer - FutureLearn
As a Learning Designer, I took responsibility for a varied portfolio of courses and partner institutions. My involvement with FutureLearn meant that I was able to assist with nearly every step of the course creation - from onboarding new partners, to feedback on course layout and objectives, to building course steps and optimizing the final look and feel. I also worked alongside colleagues to investigate new approaches and developments in the EdTech startup space, and to find innovative ways to deliver great courses. Tools used regularly: full office + communications suite, Miro, Figma, Zendesk, Markdown, GIMP.
Instructional Designer - ArmEducationX
Worked in a consulting capacity to complete an ID review of several online courses for ArmEducationX. Provided feedback on course structure, layout ideas, sequencing and accessibility issues.

Educational publishing

Commissioning Editor - Share It!
Took over the role of Commissioning Editor to deliver the digital components of this successful Primary English course for a major publisher. Working in-house, across several time zones and local offices, my duties ranged from commissioning, training and briefing authors and editors to managing a team of development editors and liaising with external suppliers.
Commissioning Editor - Global Stage
As Commissioning Editor, I worked on commissioning a series of Workbooks for this ambitious International English course. My role involved overseeing the initial stages of product research and design, liaising with the key markets to finalise the product look and feel, and then guiding the author and editorial team through all the manuscript and proof stages on an ambitious schedule.
Development Editor - Skillful Second Edition
Worked as a Development Editor to research, plan, and deliver several print and digital components of this Academic English course. Duties included: briefing and managing authors and freelance contributors, managing syllabus design and coverage for selected components, liaising with the editorial and design teams, commissioning and briefing suppliers for selected digital components across all titles.


"Ten Moral Paradoxes", Saul Smilansky
Translated from English into Polish. Categories: ethics, logic, philosophy. ISBN 9788375052909
"Animal Theology", Andrew Linzey
Translated from English into Polish. Categories: liberation theology, ethics, vegetarianism, sustainable development. ISBN 9788375055344
"This Is Not a Sex Book", Chusita Fashion Fever
Translated from English into Polish. Categories: sex education, gender, consent. ISBN 9788381512596

Teaching and syllabus design

International House
Worked as part of multinational and multicultural teaching staff teams in IH Katowice and IH Wroclaw centres. Took responsibility for lesson planning and delivery, learner feedback and assessment, teaching admin and continuous professional development. I also developed my academic interests by preparing and completing Cambridge CELTA and DELTA modules while employed.
Translation Studies Centre
For 5 academic years (2006 - 2011) I was responsible for planning, delivering and improving the "Translation Theory" / "Applied Translation" modules to a selection of English language translator trainees on hyper-intensive courses. Duties included: course planning and delivery, learner feedback and assessment, preparing and iterating on course content based on client and colleague feedback.
Community Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Volunteer ESOL teaching to young refugees and asylum seekers at the CARAS Tooting Centre. Duties included: course and material preparation, course delivery, learner feedback and responding to learner safeguarding concerns.

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