It's calmer on the other side of the wave

The best moment to start building a metaverse might be in a few years' time, when Zuck's money moves on to pastures/distractions new, taking with it the snake oil salesmen, but leaving behind some key learnings + good ideas/hardware among the debris.

The surprising trend I saw the other day in someone's Twitter statistics was that although their follower count and reach didn't increase, or even fell in some months, their clicks and impressions remained steady or started rising. This is not to justify whatever is happening at Twitter: this is to say that for that particular organisation, the people who chose to remain despite all the bad stuff are the people who have good reasons to stay on and keep talking to each other + the organisation they follow.

I'm getting an iPod+ kit this week. It's a dongle that plugs into my 1st generation iPod Nano, and talks to a sensor I put on my running shoe. It launched 13 years ago. Nobody cares about it (or about iPod Nanos) any more. It's perfect.

Of course, if you're after the momentum and the pioneering spirit, you'll go first, mind your place in the lineup, surf the wave and try to keep up with its energy.

But sometimes, he best moment to start using a gadget or a technological advance might be after the initial rush of excitement has passed. That's when you get to do your thing, without the feeding frenzy.

You learn in a myriad ways, in a million places. These are just two of them.

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