Print's not dead

Learners who go straight for the PDF without interacting with anything else on your page.

Learners who copy and paste stuff from your websites into their Word doc.

Learners who are aware that search, bookmark, highlighting and note-taking functions exist on your VLE, but never use them.

Learners who come alive when they show you how many tags and flags they stuck on their print textbook.

Learners who migrate all you give them straight onto their OneNote.

Learners who don't feel like clicking any of the links, for fear of losing their thread and place in the module.

Learners who are tired of reading from screens.

It's 2023. These learners exist. Sometimes, they'll be the silent majority on your course: they'll nod politely and feign enthusiasm when you show them the expensive interactive features of your platform, and then hit CTRL+P the moment you've turned your back.

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