When everyone around you races to the bottom, treading water looks like ascending

A year or two ago, I was exploring all that Cryptpad had to offer. I was considering moving a large portion of my work to a Cryptpad account.

In the end, I decided not to do it - partly because I found that Standard Notes could scratch several more of my itches, and partly because I thought, "There might be just too much faff involved in sending the files over, and expecting people to click links to files in their email messages... people expect one environment anyway."

This week, as I juggled several Sharepoint / Google Drive / Teams instances and permissions on several projects - seeing Outlook messages which send a link to someone else's Sharepoint, and refuse to send the file attachment itself - I thought of this again.

Cryptpad didn't have to change much to become a less messy initiative. The walled garden circus/race is now reaching the stage where the free, open, and encrypted option actually becomes less of a faff - because the big players couldn't resist the pressure to enshittify something which used to be simpler.

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