Ten good things I remember about Twitter, in 10 x 140 characters

  1. I remember how easy & flow-inducing the proposition was. 140 characters. 1 small idea. Out there in the world, in less than a minute.

  2. I remember #ELTChat - a weekly live hashtag discussion of English language teachers worldwide. 60 mins of a Twitter brainstorm.

  3. I remember all the people I met face-to-face because of conversations such as these - and because of conference hashtags.

  4. I remember how easy it was to grow a professional network, or a personal learning network, when one connection led to another.

  5. I remember that Twitter was the reason I learned about APIs: letting the app speak to Pocket, or Wordpress, or so many other things.

  6. I remember the humour. Twitter used to be this quirky and contrived thing that's somehow intimate - making things like this possible.

  7. I remember the wholesomeness. I think several of my days were made much, much better thanks to Thoughts of Dog.

  8. I remember realizing that there were many Twitters, for many communities I was not a part of, and feeling OK with that thought.

  9. Someone tried to convince me once that no friendship built on commercial networks could be true. I remember knowing how wrong they were.

  10. Twitter taught me to search & reach: not for features, apps, trends - for people, ideas, conversations. That's how I build networks now.

Thanks, Twitter.

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