Bean there, done that (more on explanation thresholds)

My cheap supermarket coffee surprised me this morning. On the side of the bag, there's a really good set of instructions for brewing.

Someone must have thought that one through, as it follows from start to finish by answering the most frequent rookie barista questions. How much coffee do I need? What do I do, and what are the timings? What if it doesn't 100% work the first time? The language is simple, the presentation confident.

The otaku barista will know it by heart, and they'll also have a separate bookmark folder on their device for new gadgets, brewing tricks, local coffee roasters etc. They'll be able to enjoy and endure a 50-minute comparison video for all the possible filter techniques out there.

This one was for the keen-to-impress soul who is trying to brew one of their first cups and is anxious not to mess this up. And as such, it delivered - in 2 minutes and 3 paragraphs. This is the level of explanation you need, if you resort to looking for one on the side of the coffee bag.

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