It's always just you / it's never just you

A few days ago, I started writing something which quickly got out of hand. I thought, there's no way this will end up on the blog.

The ideas were there, and they were good, and I wanted to explore them further. But I saw this piece getting out of hand, and moving to places which one blog post could no longer handle.

So I let it sit there, in my notes folder, and held it lightly in my mind.

This morning, I logged onto my Mastodon feed and saw people discussing a few of the ideas I was pondering the other day.

It made me convinced that my thinking has merit - and that, while others may already be way ahead of me in terms of researching / pondering all that, that's no reason to shut up: there's only one me, and my perspective matters.

A mystic would say, "everywhere you look, you see what you're looking for."

A social studies person would say something about the zeitgeist, and how ideas germinate throughout cultures.

The fact that they could both be right and wrong at the same time excites me.

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